Activities of Sofia City Municipality

Activities of Sofia City Municipality concerning the title

"Sofia - Creative City of the Cinema"

Projects funded by the Culture Program of Sofia City Municipality
within the program
"Sofia - Creative City of the Cinema under the auspices of UNESCO"

1. "Discussion Club for European and Bulgarian cinema"

"The discussion club for Bulgarian and European cinema - Sofia Film Fest for Students" is an initiative of Art Fest and the House of the Cinema.

The film shows are being held in the period from 26 September to 19 December. Besides the opportunity to see the best new Bulgarian and European films, students meet with the film crews of Bulgarian films and can participate in the discussions with the two specially trained lecturers - the Director of the Bulgarian National Film Archive Antonia Kovacheva and the renowned Bulgarian film director, prof. Georgi Dyulgerov.

2. "Memoirs of the Pioners of the Bulgarian Cinema"

Project of the Bulgarian National Film Archive

3. "Counter Plan"

"Counter plan" is a project of the Centre for Culture and Debate "The Red House", which presents the new Bulgarian short films and the film shows will be accompanied by discussions with the participation of the film authors and other professional guests. "Counter plan" was launched in April 2016 and allows viewers to see the new Bulgarian short films and their authors - to meet with their audiences, with their colleagues from the sphere of the cinema and understand the way viewers perceive their works.

Twenty five young authors were presented by November 2016 within ten film shows. Eight of the films were shown in "The Red House", while two of them will be shown out the central part of the city at Sofia School No. 26, "Vitosha" district, and at Sofia School No. 54, "Hope" district. For many of the students in these districts of the capital, this will be the first opportunity to attend similar film shows and encounters.

4. "Cinema Factory - the Cinema Shoots Photos"

For the second time in 2016 "Cinema Factory" presented a series of documentaries with a focus on photography. The films were shown under the motto "The Cinema Shoots Photos" from October 3rd to 21st at the "Odeon" film theatre, as the unique panorama was opened with one of the most awarded documentaries of recent years - "Finding Vivian Maier. "

Among the guests to the festival was also Yan Arthus-Bertrand - photographer, reporter, ecologist and journalist who personally presented his film HUMAN / MAN.

The program also included the film "Koudelka Shooting Holy Land" - the work of famous Czech photographer Josef Koudelka who documented the invasion of tanks in Prague in 1968. The film was shown in the presence of film director Gilad Baram. Also shown was the "War Photographer" - the Oscar-nominated film and winner of over 40 international film awards about the life and work of James Nachtwey.

5. Film Festival "Master of Art"

Master of Art” is a festival for documentary and promotional films in the sphere of arts and is the only one with a similar profile in the Balkans. The festival aims to present the best documentary films dedicated to music, dance, theater, visual arts, design, architecture, and literature. Its program also includes advertising and video-art productions. Other objectives of the festival are to cultivate within the public a taste for independent productions which are alternative to the popular culture, to provide opportunities for encounters between professionals in the sphere of the documentary cinema and the other arts, to turn it into a forum for the development of young talents from art schools, to support and encourage their creative performances.

The festival is organized by the SPOTLIGHT production company, the National Palace of Culture and the "Master of Art" Foundation. The first festival was held from 15 to 22 April 2016.

6. "Meetings of Young European Cinema. Film Week for the Student"

The festival was held for the third time and in 2016 the films were shown between 26 September and 2 October at the library film cinema "Odeon" and the French Institute in Sofia. The purpose of the festival is to present to the audiences the first and often most daring films made by young authors from Bulgaria and Europe, to promote their development and attract audiences through various initiatives with their participation, such as discussions and practical workshops for students. The idea for the festival, which was held for the first time in 2014 belongs to Ms. Ralitsa Assenova from Bulgaria and French women Lena Russell and Camille Baduel.

7. "Block Cinema"

The second edition of “Block Cinema” - the Festival for film shows and outdoor cinemas took place in the summer of 2016. During its second year the festival grew and in July and August it presented 10 films which were shown in 10 residential districts of Sofia. Each of the free film shows included one short and one feature film. Block Cinema has been gradually turning into a genuine film festival with three separate panels - animation films (block A), documentaries (Block D) and the main program - Feature Film Block. In September the Documentaries Block Cinema told stories with 5 documentary films.

8. "Sofia Patilanci"

The project of "Animart" EOOD celebrated the 130th birth anniversary of the famous children's writer Ran Bossilek and was a feast for the little children. Within the program, dedicated to the work of the famous writer, children sang songs based on his verses, drew favorite characters from his fairy tales, watched favorite theatrical productions of the author's works performed by schoolchildren. Exhibitions of children's drawings were shown along the alleys of Boris Garden, as well as at school № 144th "National Enlighteners".

9. "Illuminations at the foot of Mount Vitosha –

Chronicle of the early cinema in Sofia "

The book of Petar Kardzhilov, released by the Publishing House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences "Prof. Marin Drinov", traces the first steps of cinematography in Bulgaria. A 20-year historical period has been studied – from the first film shows to the premiere of "The Bulgarian Is Gallant". The publication is a result of many years of research work and includes over 300 illustrations and more than 400 film titles.

The presentation of the book took place at the literary club "The Pen" on 28.11.2016 within the "Cinemania" festival.

10. "Behind the Wings"

A project of "Combine Production Company" EOOD.

11. "Maintenance and development of information portal

"Sofia – UNESCO Creative City of the Cinema "

A project of "KIKOMAN" EOOD