Iskra Yosifova

Iskra Yosifova (1954-2005) was born in Cherven Bryag. In 1972-1973 she studied sociology at the Institute of Economics in Sofia but in 1978 graduated Cinema and TV Directing at the Krastyo Sarafov Higher Institute of Theatre Art (VITIZ) as it was called until 1995, in the class of Georgi Dyulgerov and Hristo Hristov. She made her debut with the film Voyage (1980) which she co-directed with Malina Petrova. She has made two more feature films – Love therapy (1986) and Cruel and innocent (1989).

She has also made a number of documentaries, some awarded nationally and internationally. Her film The wall (1988) about John Lennon was to turn into a symbol of rebellion against any conformism.


Feature films:

Voyage (1980) – co-directed with Malina Petrova

Love therapy (1986)

Cruel and innocent (1989)


Three (1983)

  • Award of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers , 1984

Passion (1987)

The Wall (1988)

  • Jury Prize, International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films, 1988

Migrants (1991)

The Bolgrad high school (1991)

Heart split in two (1993) - co-directed with Malina Petrova